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Thanks for visiting! Here, you'll find information about our company and our performance racing products, starting with the RP4N: our Race Processor for Nexus. The RP4N is a small and light computer designed to take information from the popular Nexus Marine sailboat instrument system, process that data and return the results to the Nexus system. The data is displayed right on the Nexus instruments, so the crew can easily use that information to get around the race course faster. The RP4N can be configured to send polar and target boat speed to the instruments. Also, it can be used as a "tactical compass," calculating a wealth of information about the starting line. The RP4N will calculate, among other things, start line bias, your current distance to the line and your "time to burn." Everything is logged on a standard SD card.

Here, we provide detailed product information, documentation, updates and support. If your question or issue is not addressed, please contact us.

Wherever used on this web site, the term "RP4N" is a trademark of On Target Marine. The terms "Nexus" and "FDX" are trademarks of Nexus Marine AB, Sweden.

We're releasing the first build of a free Pebble Smartwatch start application

We're experimenting with the Pebble Smartwatch, with an eye toward integrating it with our RP4N/RaceBox. So a little development, just for the heck of it, resulted in a basic ISAF 5-4-1-0 race start application.

Its free! Feel free to download it on to your watch and have fun.

You can:

When you start the watch app:

RP4N and Race Box Firmware Upgrade Now Available!

We have just released upgrades for both the On Target Marine RP4N and the Nexus Race Box. The new version is 1.10 and is available on our download page. This new version offers several bug fixes and many new features, including the ability to track a man overboard event, as required by boats racing under rules of the ORC.

How to ping a starting line

We're getting questions about pinging a start line using a Race Box and/or an RP4N. A common mistake when pinging the boat end of the line is to press once, get the beep, then press again and get a beep. Instead, the rhythm should be two brief presses (each about a quarter second) which will be followed by two beeps.

Firmware upgrade available for the RP4N

We have just posted version RP4N version 1.05a on our downloads page. If your RP4N shipped after May 21, it already has this update applied.

A firmware update is available for the Nexus Race Box

Firmware version 1.05a for the Nexus Race Box is available on our download page. This update should not be used on an RP4N.

20% off the RP4N until the end of June!

Its available now, along with a nice list of accessories! Use discount code INTRO20 and we'll take 20% off the RP4N (thats the word "intro" followed by the number "20"). Check out our product list!

Loud beepers too...

When you're using the tactical functions of the RP4N, a loud audio signaling device is essential. It confirms your input and beeps to the 5,4,1,0 starting sequence. More here.

Lots of buttons available...

We've laid in a nice supply of buttons. Weatherproof and very sturdy, these are perfect for controlling an RP4N. Check out their product page.

RP4N instruction manual has been posted...

And we're almost ready to ship!

For those interested in an advance look, we have posted the instruction manual on our download page as a PDF file.

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